International Flights Increase in Bodrum

International Flights Increase in Bodrum

International Flights Increase in Bodrum

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, international flight bans were started in our country and around the world. While the normalization process is being carried out with decreasing number of cases in many countries, the measures are not left over. Countries approve the countries to which they will remove their travel restrictions by considering some values. They prioritize countries where the risk is minimal, taking into account the number of daily cases, deaths and new test results.

Mobility in Tourism Begins

With the international flights that have started to increase, this situation has been a source of hope for the tourism professionals who have experienced a difficult process as in many other areas. Our company, which serves both domestic and foreign tourists in the Bodrum transfer sector, started to meet the reservation requests by taking covid-19 precautions as in every field. As far as is observed in Bodrum airport transfer requests for now, it has been emphasized by the agencies that offer vip transfer services as well as the use of public transportation and taxi. In this process, we continue to do our part with our sterile, safe and reliable transfer services in the field of basement transfer services.

Transportation Options from Airport to Bodrum

Although there are different ways of transportation from Bodrum Milas Airport to Bodrum city center, due to the pandemic, the transportation habits of the passengers from the airport to the city center or from the city center to the airport have started to differ. Transportation habits preferred by a segment's public transportation vehicles and preferred by taxi or bodrum transfer companies, tended to prefer more vip transfer vehicles due to covid-19. After each vip transfer service we provide, our transfer processes continue by meeting all expectations of the passengers who want to have a healthier and more reliable journey due to our completely disinfected vehicles. For our passengers who want to minimize the possibility of an epidemic that may arise in public transport, our vip transfer vehicles are disinfected after each transfer service and continue to another transfer service after waiting for a while. Due to the sufficient number of vehicles in our fleet, we do not experience any problems in meeting the reservation requests, and we continue our work at full speed by saying the health of our customers.